Reading List

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To read (in no particular order):

1. Angels and Pinheads by Frank S. Robinson (not a book I normally have much interest in, but Frank Robinson is a coin dealer I’ve bought a lot from, and I think he’s a witty and interesting guy, and he gets most of the proceeds from the book sale, so I don’t feel too bad about buying it even if I don’t like it and don’t read the whole thing.)

2. 中國錢幣大辭典 – a Chinese coin book recommended by a Zeno user (probably to buy, for reference)

3. 先秦货币研究 – Study on Pre-Qin Coinage – another book recommended on Zeno. Part 9 of a 24-volume series, but it’s rather technical, so I probably don’t need to get the whole series.

4. Mind and Cosmos by Nagel

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