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Currently reading: Ulysses, by James Joyce.

I’ve finished the Telemachiad. I found Stephen Dedalus’ rambling thinking very hard to follow, and the parallels to the Odyssey are hard for me to catch also. But the idea of the definition and spirit of Irish art and Joyce’s feeling of a need to rebel and break away from the mores and culture of his time do come through for me.

I read the first few pages of this and find it very useful. I’m going to catch up to where I am in the book before I continue reading and try to read along with the comic as I progress in the book.

I should note that this book was very influential on my father and I’m reading it in part to better understand him and to look for a potential quotation to put on his headstone. So far, I have not been successful in looking for a quotation due to the dark tone and the depression and pessimism of Stephen Dedalus.


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