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When I grew up, we didn’t have a TV for a long time, and even after we got one, we had to haul the beast up from the basement and only used it to watch movies. I did a lot of reading. In college, I was too busy with academic work to read fiction for pleasure, or to read non-fiction outside of my coursework, so I lost the habit. A few years after graduating, it occurred to me that it matters what I’m putting in my brain, and reading that is of high in quality or information content is a much better use of my time than reading crappy American journalism and the Reddit front page. Therefore, I’m trying to get back into reading literature, and as part of that effort, I aim to maintain a reading list, make notes about what I’m reading as I read it, and write about things when I finish them.

In addition to this, I thought I might benefit by trying to memorize some shorter pieces, such as poetry (in English and Chinese), famous quotations, and speeches. Again, the idea is that if I memorize very well crafted pieces of writing, those examples will be accessible to me when I am writing, and my own writing will enjoy positive influence. I admit I will also enjoy impressing people with recitations from time to time.


Reading List

Notes on Reading in Progress

Reviews of Past Readings



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