Chinese-English Numismatic Dictionary

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This page is intended as a reference to translate numismatic terminology between English and Chinese. The translations are my own and I cannot guarantee their accuracy.

Part 1 – English to Chinese

Metals and alloys

alloy – jīn
arsenic – shēn
brass – 黄铜 huángtóng
bronze – 青铜 qīngtóng
copper – 铜 tóng or 紫铜 tóng
gold – 金 jīn or huángjīn
iron – tiě
lead – qiān
magnetic –
rust – 锈蚀 xiùshí
silver – yín or báiyín
zinc – xīn

Manufacturing and physical attributes

cast – zhù
mold – ​jù
or zhù
sand –  shā


Numismatic lingo

coinage/currency – yìngbì or 货币 huò​bì
collecting – shōucáng
counterfeit/forge – wěizào
fake – jiǎ
shell money (cowrie) – 贝币 bèi​bì
exergue – 刻记 kèjì


Part 2 – Common Seal Script Characters


Part 3 – Chinese to English

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