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My parents both studied classics and taught me some Latin when I was little, so I always had some degree of interest in the classical world. I studied Latin in high school and continued briefly in college. I also studied some Roman history in college. I once got a Plautilla denarius in one of those stupid “get 7 crusty coins and clean them yourself” type kits (usually those just have junk), so that was probably my first non-junk ancient coin, but after I got a job in the numismatic collection at my school, I became much more interested in ancient coins.

I worked on cataloging Roman Imperial coins, and I got from Augustus to somewhere around Nero or Vespasian during my time working there. I learned a lot about Roman Imperial coinage and got pretty excited about owning some coins like those myself. Over the next few years, I bought a number of Roman coins in auctions, ranging from early Republic to around Hadrian. None were especially rare or interesting, but it’s a decent collection.

I stopped buying Roman coins a couple of years ago because I realized that in order to get good deals and properly learn about the coinage and assemble a diverse and interesting collection, I’d have to spend a lot more time and money than I wanted to. I don’t like doing a half-assed job of things, so I dropped Roman coins to focus more on other areas. I still have all the coins I bought and intend to keep them, but don’t currently plan to buy any more.

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