British Silver

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One of the coin stores that my dad used to take me to had a bucket of world silver that they’d sell by weight. I got a lot of late 19th to early 20th century world silver from that bin, particularly Netherlands, Canada and Australia. I especially liked the British Commonwealth coins, and over time I dropped more and more regions in order to focus more on the British silver.

My best collection is Australian silver; I have a number of high grade George V silver coins. Australian silver in high grade is hard to find and expensive. This is an area where you can get a $200 coin for $50 if you spend enough time flipping through dealers’ offerings at coin shows and pick out the occasional undergraded sixpence or shilling. (“Undergraded” might mean correctly graded, but by a dealer who usually overgrades and prices things accordingly.)

As a long term goal, I hope to have date sets of at least George V silver from all British Commonwealth colonies and countries, and possibly even a full set of regular issue silver coinage. This is a massive undertaking, and I’m still pretty far even from having a type set, but I have lots of time, and most of the coins are not too challenging.


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