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Stuff I intend to investigate for use or to read:

1. – a site that computes readability/reading level. I was thinking of computing these metrics for my posts.

2. – the Long Now foundation website. I want to learn more about what they do and decide if I should read their materials, and possibly support them financially or get involved.

3. – A dude’s website. I read some of his essays and posts and they are very good. I learned a lot from him already and I am thinking of modeling this site more off of his style and less in a blog format.

4. – A site for making and tracking predictions. Gwern is a heavy user of the site and a proponent of making predictions. I’m not sure how I’ll benefit from doing this, but maybe it will be useful.

5. – Seven minute workout. I haven’t researched this yet, but I’m always looking to improve my exercise habits in a way that conforms to my tight schedule.

6. – At some point I want to skim through this and see if any of it actually makes sense for me.

Stuff I have read, follow, or use as a reference:

1. – The blog of Scott Alexander. Great blog.

2. – The blog of Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, econ professors. I’ve seen Tyler Cowen speak. I like him a lot. I am not sufficiently expert in economics to follow the more technical posts on this blog, but they link to a lot of interesting articles, and it’s the best method I have for keeping up with the academic side of finance.

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