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Zwerling: Bukovyna, L’viv, Ukraine, 1870s to 1900s
Swerling: London, England, 1900s onward

Generations, oldest to newest:

1. David Zwerling was born in Bukovyna around 1870. He moved to Belz where he married Ruchel Mautner. They had three children: two daughters and a son. Around 1900 David moved to London and in 1904 he brought the rest of the family over. The son, Pinkus, remained with his grandparents, the Mautners. David and Ruchel had five more children in London.

2. The family changed the surname to Swerling once they moved to England. The children were Chrissie, Anita ‘Tubby’, Pinkus ‘Paul’ (who did not take the name Swerling until the 1930s), Hazel, Harry Barry (went by Barry), Mark, Freida and Isadore (who died young). The Swerlings became furriers (men) and milliners (women) and were quite successful. They had a shop on Bond Street and supplied the royal family.


There are many living descendants of the Swerlings in the UK, but my branch of the family has lost touch with them. As a result, I don’t know many details. I hope to reconnect with some of the English Swerlings.

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