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This is my page on the Krinski surname. Also spelled Krinsky.

Brest-Litovsk, Belarus: 1830s-1900s

Generations, oldest to newest:

1. Isaac Krinski married Deborah Rachel, maiden name unknown. They were born c. 1830s and had at least two children, Esther and Josef.

2. Esther Krinski was born c. 1860 and married Joseph Miller. Josef Krinski is known only from an Ellis Island immigration record for one of Esther’s sons, where he reported that his closest relative remaining in Brest-Litovsk was his uncle Josef Krinski. Josef is not certain to be Esther’s brother, but it seems likely.

I know very little about this family. Krinski does not seem to have been a very common name in that region (it seems to be a more northern name, perhaps Lithuanian or Latvian).


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