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This is my page on the Alzufrom surname. There are many variations of this surname, all of which are rare: Allzufrom, Alzufron, Altzifrom, etc. In France there seem to be some Alcufroms (is it Alçufrom?) who might be related, as the family initially moved from Stanislavczyk to Paris.

Stanislavczyk, Ukraine: 1870s to 1910s
Paris, France: 1910s to 1940s

Generations, oldest to newest:

1. The names of the parents are uncertain, Meir/Myer/Meyer and Kala or Keila. Kala’s surname was something like Barach or Barash. They were probably born around 1870. The entire family moved to Paris after their four children were born, so after 1902 or so, but no later than about 1920.

2. Meir and Kala had four children: Yechiel (Julius), Zlata/Zloyte (Zella), and twins Rivkah and Rachel. All were born around 1900, I think in the given order. Yechiel was married in Paris and had a son. He was deported from Paris in 1942 and sent to Auschwitz. There is no record of his wife and son being sent with him, so they may have survived. The other three sisters were also married in Paris, but emigrated before the war. Zlata married Pinkus Mautner; Rivkah married Menachem (Morris) Sokolski, and Rachel married Moshe Gross. All three couples moved to Melbourne, Australia in the early 1930s. Rivkah and Rachel remained there and their descendants are still in Melbourne. Pinkus and Zlata returned to live with Pinkus’ family in London.


Alzufrom is a very rare name, so although I can’t find anything more about the people whose names I know right now, it is possible that I could find them by constructing a complete Alzufrom family tree including all Alzufrom records. There are about 15 Alzufroms listed on Yad Vashem who were slain in the Holocaust. At least one Alzufrom family immigrated to the US in the early 20th century. My next research step for this family is to attempt to connect all of these other known Alzufroms, see if I can find any living Alzufroms to contact, and proceed from there.

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