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These are terms I’ve used, people I’ve referenced, and other such things that seemed worthy of definition, either because they are obscure or because I’m using non-standard vocabulary.

1. Decoction – just read the Wikipedia page.

2. Mencius Moldbug – the foremost Neoreactionary blogger. His blog is Unqualified Reservations. A convenient index of his blog is here. While he’s written many things that I disagree with, I think he is brilliant: a good writer and a perceptive thinker.

3. Neoreactionary – this is the one I’ve chosen out of several terms for a modern movement or group of intellectuals that generally believes liberal ideology is bad and would prefer (in theory) for the world/society to revert to much older systems in certain respects. It is a non-mainstream movement. Another common term for the movement is the dark enlightenment. Neoreactionaries themselves often use terminology from The Matrix to describe their philosophy and beliefs, particularly the term “red pill”.

4. Progressive – as a proper noun, this refers to the liberal pseudo-religious ideology (or a believer therein) that neoreactionaries believe dominates and directs Western thought and society.

5. 孟霉金 – The Chinese name I invented for Mencius Moldbug. See this post.


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