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Each of these pages includes a recipe and my comments about my own experience making the dish. The actual things I make will be posted as blog posts; the recipes here are the ones that I thought were particularly good, and are written in a more general way so as the illustrate what variations are possible.

Most recipes tell you exactly what to do, but I don’t like exact cooking (even though I like baking). My usual cooking process is to decide in advance what sort of dish I’m trying to make and what major ingredients I’ll use, but I’ll decide on quantities and seasoning as I go based on how things look and taste. I often look at recipes online for reference, checking a handful of different recipes to see what things are flexible or optional or matters of opinion, and what things are essential. Hopefully my recipes do that work for you, so you can see what forms the backbone of a particular dish and how you can make your own recipe based on my ideas.

For specific recipe examples, I’ll include links on each page to my blog posts about things I’ve cooked, and also I’ll include links to any external sites that inspired my own ideas.

Meatballs (and burgers)


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