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At this point I don’t see much use in trying to keep the site anonymous, but I’m not going to be up-front about all details. If you really care about things like my name and age and birthplace, you’ll have to do the research and try to find that info yourself.

I generally prefer to avoid the topic of my work in the financial industry. I do some angel investing, but again often the companies prefer to not draw too much attention at very early stages, so that won’t be a major topic on this site, at least for now.

My main hobbies are numismatics (coin collecting) and genealogy (family history research). I play computer games off and on, particularly RPGs and turn based strategy games. I do some reading, but not as much as I should. I practice Chinese calligraphy. I made a foray into jewelery-making, but haven’t had time for it recently.

I am married and have a cat. I live in Asia. My first language is English; I am trying to learn Chinese in my spare time.

I happen to have the capacity to be very economically productive in the world as it is. As a result it is easy for me to make money. I feel a duty, though it’s hard to explain, to use this ability to contribute to society in a positive way, rather than focus solely on enriching myself. I care a lot about understanding the world and my role in it, what I can do to make things better, and – critically – what it means to make things better.

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