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This is my personal website. I started it as a blog in March 2014 as a place to practice writing essays on topics like ethics and worldview. In May 2014, I decided to expand the site to cover all of my major interests and catalog a broad range of my thoughts and ideas and work.

For more about me personally, see here.


1. Essays – These are mostly essays about my attempts to understand the world and determine my place in it. In particular, I want to examine questions like the following: What are the driving forces of change and progress and creation and destruction in the world? What are my values, how important are they in relation to each other, and what does that value system imply for my behavior? If my behavior is inconsistent with my values, is it my values or my behavior that I need to change?

2. Numismatics – collecting coins is my oldest hobby. Here I’ll write up articles on research I’ve done into specific coins or issues, and also keep some notes of general interest for collectors.

3. Genealogy – I am the family historian; here I’ll keep an overview of my research into my own family history and some notes about genealogy research in general.

4. Literature – here I’ll keep track of my reading list and write reviews or commentary about what I have read.

5. Links – external sites that I think are worth a visit, but don’t fit in any of the above categories.


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