Free Hugs don’t have to be creepy!

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November 16, 2014 by NS

I just had a brilliant idea regarding free hugs. Sexual issues get in the way of free hugs, particularly when men are involved, because nobody wants a foreign boner pressed up against them. How can free hugs be made “safe”? Obviously inner tubes are the answer! Put an inner tube around your midsection and you’ll have a good 6-8 inches of space between you and any potential boner (or between your potential boner and anyone who might dread it [or summon it]).

What’s more, looking silly doesn’t really harm the cause of free hugs, and the inner tube will make it obvious that your intentions are pure when you stand there with your free hugs sign.

I thought of this because I was just reading hessianwithteeth’s post on the tactics of protesters at abortion clinics, and it occurred to me that abortion clinics would be a good place for free hugs, but also a place where it would be especially creepy for a man to offer free hugs. But not if he were wearing an inner tube!

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