July 21 – site update

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July 21, 2014 by NS

This is mainly an update about genealogy.

I’ve tried to interlink the family pages so that, for example, when the Millers are mentioned on the Goldberg page, that mention will include a link to the Miller page. That should make it easier for readers to navigate.

Recently by some great stroke of luck, one of Abraham Miller’s descendants found this site. I corrected a few minor details about that family. I didn’t add anything substantial as I am trying to avoid putting on too much information about living people or recent generations, for privacy reasons. However, this has spurred my interest in the Joondeph family, and I expect to do more research on the Joondephs in hopes of finding clues about the Millers and also to help out my cousin who is also interested in family history. I added a Joondeph page but I expect to get more information onto that page later.

I hope to do more work on the Western European branches of the family too, as those family pages are still mostly barebones or nonexistent, but I have done a lot of research on those families.

As for life updates: I got a bunch of calligraphy supplies this weekend. I hope to pick up my frequency of practicing. I’m thinking also about trying to get a book with rubbings of inscriptions in non-Chinese but Chinese-like scripts, i.e. Khitan, Jurchen and/or Tangut, and making copies of those inscriptions. This is more for academic interest and novelty than for artistic interest, as it is unlikely in this case that there is any artistic innovation that would be of value beyond studying Chinese calligraphy directly.

I haven’t had time for writing essays, but I do hope to get back to that eventually. I have also spent some time with coins lately, but there isn’t really anything worth putting on the site, at least until I get to the point where I put up pictures of interesting coins I have and write about them. Maybe I should do that though.


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