May 14 – site update


May 14, 2014 by NS

From last post’s todo list:

– I found out how to avoid the self-pingback issue.
– I wrote separate pages about my interest in various areas of coin collecting and shortened the Numismatics About Me page somewhat. These are quick first drafts and hopefully eventually I’ll add pictures and more detail.
– I changed the main About page to be more of a summary and table of contents, and wrote a separate more personal about page.
– I moved the glossary from the About section to the Essays section
– I shortened the names of as many pages as possible to keep them all on one line. There are still a few multi-line page titles, but the situation is much better now.

Still need to:
– upload photos to some of the numismatic pages
– consider an additional level of sub-categories for the genealogy section
– fix the rest of the pages with multi-line titles
– edit old essays to reflect the new format of the site and include links to the Glossary

I think the site is getting pretty clean and well-organized. Suggestions for other improvements would be most welcome.

I think soon I’ll need to actually produce some more content of substance!


One thought on “May 14 – site update

  1. NS says:

    Not worth a separate post:
    – fixed a broken link
    – added a bit of detail to my coin articles about the status and plans for future research

    More to do:
    – add more external links to the Literature pages
    – clean up Links pages so that the main Links page is stuff I’m actually recommending, and things I want to investigate are on the child “to consider” page.
    – add internal links on the Links page to the Numismatic and Genealogy topical link pages.


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