May 12 – site update


May 12, 2014 by NS

Moved all the essay posts into their own pages. There’s now a reasonable tree structure for essays, with a parent page for the Neoreactionary series. I didn’t move the HFT and introversion posts because I don’t consider them worthy of preservation. Some of these need revision – I’d like to link the Neoreactionary ones to the parent and to the previous and next in the series, and some of them have introductory language based on the former blog format. I’ll do that editing later, though.

Also added a page for the Gansu 5 and 10 cash coins, which I’ve started to research. Nothing of interest yet, but I wanted a place to keep my thoughts and work organized, and I hope this will eventually turn into an interesting article.

Still have this problem that when I link to my own pages in my posts, I get automatic pingback comments. Then I have to moderate them all. This is a pain so I’d like to turn them off, but I don’t want to turn off pingbacks for when I link to other people’s stuff…

Things to do:

– figure out how to upload photos and try to put up some coin photos in the relevant articles
– edit the existing essays to adapt to the new format
– maybe I should put a table of contents in the About section and explain what each other section is about
– the Glossary page should probably be moved to Essays, and maybe each “first use” of a glossary word should link to the glossary
– maybe revise the coin articles to have shorter names
– probably expand the “about me” part of Numismatics to have separate pages about my different interests, so I can go into more detail about what I like and why, and then make the introduction/personal history shorter

That’s probably enough for now. I have a lot to do in the genealogy section too, but I want to hold off on that, because I want the to do list to remain manageable. I want to get the genealogy section into a state where I can link my family to it and they’ll be able to poke around and learn interesting things about our ancestors. Right now it’s probably too hard to navigate and way too dry. In particular I would like to link the surname pages to each other according to who married whom, so you can effectively navigate the family tree using the links on the pages.

Upcoming articles/essays:
– Neoreactionary Part Four
– something about Laibach
– further work on the previously mentioned coin essays


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