May 7 – site update

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May 7, 2014 by NS

I did a lot of reorganization of the pages today, ordering the top level pages and adding links from the top level pages to their children. This is part of my effort to design a simple and easily navigable site where different topics are confined to well segregated sections. (The blog format is not good for this, as the burden is on the user to filter down to blog posts of interest, or search for them.)

I also added pages for most of the family names in the Genealogy section.

I don’t want to distract too much from my original purpose of practicing writing and fleshing out my worldview and ideas about the world, so I probably won’t do much more work on the genealogy section for a bit.

Next up: I’m going to remove my old blog posts and put them on pages in the Essays section. I don’t think I’ll do any revision for now. I think I might leave the Introversion blog post as it is, because I dislike that post; it can be thought of as a draft that was abandoned (I’ll probably write a new post on introversion from scratch after I have time to research it more thoroughly).

If I’m motivated enough to write about coins, I might do some more work on the Kinsale penny article. I think I could probably get that article to the point of being publishable in a coin magazine or newsletter. I should also start something on the Ban Qiong Chinese coin that I’m researching, although it would just be an outline as most of the research itself still lies in the future.


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